Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make Life Easier in the Kitchen - Pull Out Cabinet Organizers Are Terrific!

11" x 18" Professional Single Tier Roll Out Drawer in Chrome
I recently installed three of these in my most frequently used kitchen cabinets and I can't believe I waited this long!  Well, I kind of hated my kitchen until recently - I painted the cabinets and we installed a new countertop and tile backsplash and now I love it, but I do still plan on getting all new cabinets in a couple fo years when we can afford it which is why I didn't want to put any money into these cabinets.  That being said, it was well worth spending the money on these!  For starters, they were so simple to install, and now that they are in they really make my life easier in the kitchen!  If you've been at all considering these - I say go for it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Labels Can Be Key to Organizing!

Brother PT-80 P-touch Electronic Labeling System
I truly believe that anyone who wants an organized home mustn't be without a trusty label maker!  This Brother P-touch Electronic Labeling System is the answer to your labeling needs.  It has 71 symbols built-in, as well as several frame and format options - you can even date- and time-stamp labels with the touch of one button!

Use labels to label food containers, in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  Label storage boxes in your closets and garage.  Label office and desk gadgets.  Label plug cords to easily know which plug belongs to what when you have a maze of cords.  You name it, you can label it (well, just about!)

Click on the image to read more and purchase this gem!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Airtight Storage Containers

These Oxo POP containers are my favorite storage containers.  Due to the airtight aspect of these products, for the first time ever I can leave my sugar, tea, coffee, etc. out on my kitchen counter without having to worry about bugs. They even have a pleasing contemporary look to them.

These containers are even stackable, which is great space-efficient especially if you are short on space.  The containers have a unique push button mechanism that also doubles as a handle to lift off the lid.

You don't have to restrict their use to the kitchen either - they would work great in any room of your house.  There are several sizes available and you can buy sets as well.  They are top-rack dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.

Sterilite Storage Baskets - Great for Organizing!

Sterilite #16228012 SM White Ultra BasketThese baskets by Sterilite are a great size and price. Every closet, cupboard, and cabinet in my home has them - I even have one in my car!  I keep everything in them, from cleaning supplies to baby socks and clothes, wash cloths, medicine, toiletries, snacks and dinner ingredients. Each one is labeled so noone can say that they don’t know where it goes. I love them!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Organize Your Tupperware Cabinet!

If you have a cabinet and a drawer available, here's a great way to organize that mountain of plastic containers that many of us have in some part of our kitchen!  I like to separate all of the shapes and nest together small containers inside of larger ones - I stack all of the round containers together, as well as the square and rectangular ones.  By doing this, you will not only be organized, but you will probably be very surprised at the amount of space you gain.

Cabinet Door Lid RackIn a drawer, preferably right above the plastic container cabinet (or below, if your containers are in a wall cabinet), I do the same with the lids.  Round, square and rectabgular, all stacked inside of each other, big to little, nice and neat and organized!

If you don't have that separate drawer for just the lids, then you can still organize them together by shape and size and find a spot in your container cabinet to store them neatly, like on one side, or even in a rack on the inside surface of the door (likethe one pictured at left.)