Monday, August 31, 2009

Garage Storage Organization

Dying to get your car into your garage, but can't because you have too much clutter?  Gladiator Garage Works is an easy, affordable system to get you started on your road to the dream garage.  Install a track system to get your yard and garden tools in order, or cover a wall with panels and simply slide on hooks and baskets galore to store anything and everything.  You can start small and add on slowly or go big and build your dream garage.  See all available Gladiator Garage Works tracks, wall panels, accessories and workbenches here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Definition of Organized:

Okay, if we're going to get organized together then we may as well know what the actual definition of organized is, right? 

Here it is: formed into a structured or coherent whole; methodical and efficient in arrangement or function.

I like how that sounds, especially the 'efficient in arrangement or function' part - that's me!

With this blog I will try and bring to you the best products that I have found to help organize your life, from closet organization to organizing you life.