Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Organize Your Tupperware Cabinet!

If you have a cabinet and a drawer available, here's a great way to organize that mountain of plastic containers that many of us have in some part of our kitchen!  I like to separate all of the shapes and nest together small containers inside of larger ones - I stack all of the round containers together, as well as the square and rectangular ones.  By doing this, you will not only be organized, but you will probably be very surprised at the amount of space you gain.

Cabinet Door Lid RackIn a drawer, preferably right above the plastic container cabinet (or below, if your containers are in a wall cabinet), I do the same with the lids.  Round, square and rectabgular, all stacked inside of each other, big to little, nice and neat and organized!

If you don't have that separate drawer for just the lids, then you can still organize them together by shape and size and find a spot in your container cabinet to store them neatly, like on one side, or even in a rack on the inside surface of the door (likethe one pictured at left.)

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