Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make Life Easier in the Kitchen - Pull Out Cabinet Organizers Are Terrific!

11" x 18" Professional Single Tier Roll Out Drawer in Chrome
I recently installed three of these in my most frequently used kitchen cabinets and I can't believe I waited this long!  Well, I kind of hated my kitchen until recently - I painted the cabinets and we installed a new countertop and tile backsplash and now I love it, but I do still plan on getting all new cabinets in a couple fo years when we can afford it which is why I didn't want to put any money into these cabinets.  That being said, it was well worth spending the money on these!  For starters, they were so simple to install, and now that they are in they really make my life easier in the kitchen!  If you've been at all considering these - I say go for it!

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